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✔️ Title Level Area
The Syrcus Trench 70 The Rising Stones
City of the First 70 The Crystarium
Travelers of Norvrandt 70 The Crystarium
In Search of Alphinaud 70 The Ocular
A Still Tide 70 Kholusia
Open Arms, Closed Gate 70 Kholusia
A Fickle Existence 70 Kholusia
City of Final Pleasures 70 Kholusia
Free to Sightsee 70 Eulmore
A Taste of Honey 70 Eulmore
A Blessed Instrument 70 Eulmore
Emergent Splendor 70 Eulmore
In Search of Alisaie 70 The Ocular
City of the Mord 70 Amh Araeng
Working Off the Meal 70 Amh Araeng
A Desert Crossing 70 Amh Araeng
Following in Her Footprints 70 Amh Araeng
Culling Their Ranks 70 Amh Araeng
A Purchase of Fruit 70 Amh Araeng
The Time Left to Us 70 Amh Araeng
Tears on the Sand 70 Amh Araeng
The Lightwardens 71 The Ocular
Warrior of Darkness 71 Lakeland
An Unwelcome Guest 72 The Crystarium
The Crystarium's Resolve 72 The Crystarium
Logistics of War 72 The Crystarium
The Oracle of Light 72 Lakeland
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom 72 Il Mheg
Sul Uin's Request 72 Il Mheg
Ys Iala's Errand 72 Il Mheg
Oul Sigun's Plea 72 Il Mheg
Unto the Truth 72 Il Mheg
Courting Cooperation 72 Il Mheg
The Key to the Castle 73 Il Mheg
A Visit to the Nu Mou 73 Il Mheg
A Fitting Payment 73 Il Mheg
Spore Sweeper 73 Il Mheg
The Lawless Ones 73 Il Mheg
The Elder's Answer 73 Il Mheg
A Resounding Roar 73 Il Mheg
Memento of a Friend 73 Il Mheg
Acht-la Ormh Inn 73 Il Mheg
The Wheel Turns 73 Il Mheg
A Party Soon Divided 74 The Crystarium
A Little Faith 74 Lakeland
Into the Dark 74 Lakeland
A Day in the Neighborhood 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
A Helping Hand 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Lost but Not Forgotten 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Saying Good-bye 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Stirring Up Trouble 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
A Beeautiful Plan 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
An Unwanted Proposal 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Put to the Proof 74 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Into the Wood 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Top of the Tree 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Look to the Stars 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Mi Casa, Toupasa 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Legend of the Not-so-hidden Temple 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
The Aftermath 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
In Good Faith 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
The Burden of Knowledge 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Bearing with It 75 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Out of the Wood 76 The Rak'tika Greatwood
When It Rains 76 The Crystarium
Word from On High 76 Lakeland
Small Favors 76 Lakeland
The Best Way Out 76 The Crystarium
Free Trade 76 Amh Araeng
The Trolley Problem 76 Amh Araeng
Rust and Ruin 76 Amh Araeng
On Track 76 Amh Araeng
Down for Maintenance 76 Amh Araeng
The Truth Hurts 76 Amh Araeng
A Convenient Distraction 77 Amh Araeng
A Dirty Job 77 Amh Araeng
Have a Heart 77 Amh Araeng
Full Steam Ahead 77 Amh Araeng
Crossroads 77 Amh Araeng
A Fresh Start 77 Amh Araeng
More than a Hunch 77 Amh Araeng
Return to Eulmore 77 The Crystarium
A Feast of Lies 77 Kholusia
Paradise Fallen 77 Eulmore
The Ladder 78 Eulmore
The View from Above 78 Kholusia
In Mt. Gulg's Shadow 78 Kholusia
A Gigantic Undertaking 78 Kholusia
Meet the Tholls 78 Kholusia
A-Digging We Will Go 78 Kholusia
The Duergar's Tewel 78 Kholusia
Rich Veins of Hope 78 Kholusia
That None Shall Ever Again 78 Kholusia
A Breath of Respite 78 Kholusia
Extinguishing the Last Light 79 Kholusia
Reassuring the Masses 79 The Crystarium
In His Garden 79 The Crystarium
The Unbroken Thread 79 Lakeland
To Storm-tossed Seas 79 The Crystarium
Waiting in the Depths 79 The Tempest
City of the Ancients 79 The Tempest
The Light of Inspiration 79 The Tempest
The Illuminated Land 80 The Tempest
The End of a World 80 The Tempest
A Greater Purpose 80 The Tempest
Shadowbringers 80 The Tempest


✔️ Title Level Area
Shaken Resolve 80 The Rising Stones
A Grand Adventure 80 The Ocular
A Welcome Guest 80 Lakeland
Good for the Soul 80 Amh Araeng
Nowhere to Turn 80 Amh Araeng
A Notable Absence 80 Eulmore
For the People 80 Eulmore
Finding Good Help 80 Kholusia
Moving Forward 80 Kholusia
Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty 80 Eulmore
Old Enemies, New Threats 80 The Rising Stones
The Way Home 80 The Lochs
Seeking Counsel 80 The Ocular
Facing the Truth 80 Lakeland
A Sleep Disturbed 80 The Ocular
An Old Friend 80 The Rak'tika Greatwood
Deep Designs 80 The Rak'tika Greatwood
A Whale's Tale 80 The Tempest
Beneath the Surface 80 Lakeland
Echoes of a Fallen Star 80 Kholusia
In the Name of the Light 80 The Crystarium
Heroic Dreams 80 The Crystarium
Fraying Threads 80 The Crystarium
Food for the Soul 80 The Rising Stones
Faded Memories 80 The Crystarium
Etched in the Stars 80 The Tempest
The Converging Light 80 Kholusia
Hope's Confluence 80 The Crystarium
Nothing Unsaid 80 The Crystarium
The Journey Continues 80 Eulmore
Unto the Morrow 80 Il Mheg
Reflections in Crystal 80 The Crystarium
Alisaie's Quest 80 The Rising Stones
The Wisdom of Allag 80 Azys Lla
Reviving the Legacy 80 Azys Lla
Forget Us Not 80 The Rising Stones
Like Master, Like Pupil 80 Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks
The Admiral's Resolve 80 The Dravanian Hinterlands
The Search for Sicard 80 Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks
On Rough Seas 80 Lower La Noscea
The Great Ship Vylbrand 80 Command Room
Futures Rewritten 80 Outer La Noscea
Unto the Breach 80 The Rising Stones
Here Be Dragons 80 The Lochs
Righteous Indignation 80 Azys Lla
For Vengeance 80 Azys Lla
The Flames of War 80 Azys Lla
When the Dust Settles 80 Ul'dah - Steps of Nald
The Company We Keep 80 The Rising Stones
On Official Business 80 The Fringes
Death Unto Dawn 80 Lotus Stand

Raid Series Eden

✔️ Title Level Area
In the Middle of Nowhere 80 The Crystarium
Deploy the Core 80 The Empty
One Fell Swoop 80 The Core
Nor Any Drop to Drink 80 The Core
Super Seismic 80 The Empty
The Next Piece of the Puzzle 80 The Empty
Away with the Faerie 80 Amh Araeng
Blood and Thunder 80 The Empty
Into the Firestorm 80 The Empty
Heart of Darkness 80 The Empty
On Thin Ice 80 The Core
Life Finds a Way 80 The Empty
Worlds Apart 80 Amh Araeng
Empty Promise 80 Amh Araeng
Fear of the Dark 80 The Empty
Shadows of the Past 80 The Empty
Voice of the Soul 80 The Core
Where I Belong 80 The Empty

Trial Series The Sorrow of Werlyt

✔️ Title Level Area
Ruby Doomsday 80 The Lochs
Sleep Now in Sapphire 80 The Lochs
Blood of Emerald 80 The Lochs
In Memory 80 The Lochs
Duty in the Sky with Diamond 80 The Lochs
Forever at Your Side 80 The Lochs

Alliance Raids YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse

✔️ Title Level Area
 Word about Komra 70 Kholusia
A Scandal in Komra 80 Kholusia
On the Threshold 80 Kholusia
An Academic Dispute 80 Excavation Tunnels
Tails, You Lose 80 The Copied Factory
Heads, I Win 80 The Copied Factory
Carnivals and Confrontations 80 Kholusia
One Way to Do It 80 Excavation Tunnels
We Can Rebuild Her 80 Kholusia
Everything You Know Is Wrong 80 Excavation Tunnels
Crime and Punishment 80 Anogg's Lair
To Make Amends 80 Kholusia
Konogg, Alone 80 Kholusia
Brave New World 80 The Puppets' Bunker
It Takes a Village 80 Kholusia
Komra Wasn't Built in a Day 80 Kholusia
All That Grinds Is Not Gloom 80 Kholusia
The Merchant of Komra 80 Kholusia
How to Catch an Automaton 80 Kholusia
Whence the Heart Leads 80 Kholusia

Relic Weapon Resistance

✔️ Title Level Area
Hail to the Queen 80 Kugane
Path to the Past 80 Yanxia
The Bozja Incident 80 Rhalgr's Reach
 Fire in the Forge 80 Gangos
 Resistance Is (Not) Futile 80 Gangos
Where Eagles Nest 80 Gangos
An Expected Engagement 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Lost No Longer 80 Bozjan Southern Front
On the Offensive 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Time to Focus 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Third Time's the Charm 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Pressing Forward 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Signature Acquired 80 Bozjan Southern Front
Picking Up the Trail 80 Bozjan Southern Front
The Lady of Blades 80 Bozjan Southern Front
A Sober Proposal 80 Gangos
 For Want of a Memory 80 Gangos
 The Will to Resist 80 Gangos
A Sign of What's to Come 80 Gangos
Fit for a Queen 80 Gangos
One Man's Relic 80 Gangos
Let Me Holster That for You 80 Gangos
In the Queen's Image 80 Gangos
 Change of Arms 80 Gangos
The Resistance Remembers 80 Gangos
 A New Path of Resistance 80 Gangos
A New Playing Field 80 Gangos
Resolve Unshaken 80 Zadnor
Where Eagles Roost 80 Zadnor
Reaching Out 80 Zadnor
In Their Shadow 80 Zadnor
Renewed Focus 80 Zadnor
March of the Bloody Queen 80 Zadnor
A Ruined Opportunity 80 Gangos
What Dreams Are Made Of 80 Gangos
Spare Parts 80 Gangos
Tell Me a Story 80 Gangos
A Fond Memory 80 Gangos
A Done Deal 80 Gangos
 Irresistible 80 Gangos