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✔️ Title Level Area
Beyond the Great Wall 60 The Rising Stones
Lyse Takes the Lead 60 The Fringes
The Promise of a New Beginning 60 Rhalgr's Reach
A Haven for the Bold 60 Rhalgr's Reach
A Bargain Struck 60 Rhalgr's Reach
A Friend of a Friend in Need 60 Rhalgr's Reach
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered 60 The Fringes
Best Served with Cold Steel 60 The Fringes
Let Fill Your Hearts with Pride 60 The Fringes
A Familiar Face Forgotten 60 Rhalgr's Reach
The Prodigal Daughter 60 The Peaks
Hard Country 60 The Peaks
Death by a Thousand Rocks 60 The Peaks
A Life More Ordinary 60 The Peaks
The Color of Angry Qiqirn 60 The Peaks
The Black Wolf's Pups 60 The Peaks
Homeward Bound 60 The Peaks
Where Men Go as One 60 Rhalgr's Reach
Future Rust, Future Dust 60 Rhalgr's Reach
A Dash of Green 60 Rhalgr's Reach
Ye Wayward Brothers 60 Rhalgr's Reach
Token of Faith 60 Rhalgr's Reach
Crossing the Velodyna 61 Rhalgr's Reach
In Crimson It Began 61 The Fringes
The Fires Fade 61 Rhalgr's Reach
Bereft of Hearth and Home 61 Rhalgr's Reach
Divide and Conquer 61 Rhalgr's Reach
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates 61 The Fringes
Tales from the Far East 61 Limsa Lominsa
Not without Incident 61 Mor Dhona
The Man from Ul'dah 61 Kugane
Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban 61 Kugane
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito 61 Kugane
A Good Samurai Is Hard to Find 61 Kugane
It's Probably a Trap 61 Kugane
Making the Catfish Sing 61 Kugane
Once More, to the Ruby Sea 62 Kugane
Open Water 62 The Ruby Sea
Boys with Boats 62 The Ruby Sea
To Bend with the Wind 62 The Ruby Sea
Confederate Consternation 62 The Ruby Sea
The Solace of the Sea 62 The Ruby Sea
The Arrows of Misfortune 62 The Ruby Sea
The Last Voyage 62 The Ruby Sea
Alisaie's Stones 62 The Ruby Sea
Under the Sea 62 The Ruby Sea
Of Kojin and Kami 62 The Ruby Sea
In Soroban We Trust 63 The Ruby Sea
Forever and Ever Apart 63 The Ruby Sea
In Darkness the Magatama Dreams 63 The Ruby Sea
The Whims of the Divine 63 The Ruby Sea
Breaking and Delivering 63 The Ruby Sea
The Lord of the Revel 63 The Ruby Sea
Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out 63 The Ruby Sea
A Silence in Three Parts 63 The Ruby Sea
Life after Doma 64 Yanxia
A Glimpse of Madness 64 Yanxia
The Stubborn Remainder 64 Yanxia
The Ones We Leave Behind 64 Yanxia
A New Ruby Tithe 64 Yanxia
The Will to Live 64 Yanxia
Daughter of the Deep 64 Yanxia
Path of No Return 64 Yanxia
The Time between the Seconds 64 Yanxia
All the Little Angels 64 Yanxia
Here There Be Xaela 65 Yanxia
The Search for Lord Hien 65 The Azim Steppe
A Season for War 65 The Azim Steppe
An Impossible Dream 65 The Azim Steppe
Stars in the Dark 65 The Azim Steppe
A Warrior's Welcome 65 The Azim Steppe
The Heart of Nations 65 The Azim Steppe
A Trial Before the Trial 65 The Azim Steppe
In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave 65 The Azim Steppe
The Children of Azim 65 The Azim Steppe
The Labors of Magnai 66 The Azim Steppe
For Love of the Moon 66 The Azim Steppe
Sworn Enemies of the Sun 66 The Azim Steppe
The Undying Ones 66 The Azim Steppe
A Final Peace 66 The Azim Steppe
As the Gods Will 66 The Azim Steppe
Naadam 66 The Azim Steppe
Glory to the Khagan 66 The Azim Steppe
In Crimson They Walked 66 The Azim Steppe
The Hour of Reckoning 66 The Azim Steppe
The Room Where It Happened 67 Yanxia
How Tataru Got Her Groove Back 67 Kugane
Seeds of Despair 67 Yanxia
The Limits of Our Endurance 67 Yanxia
Broken Steel, Broken Men 67 Yanxia
The Doma Within 67 Yanxia
On the Eve of Destiny 67 Yanxia
The Die Is Cast 67 Yanxia
The World Turned Upside Down 67 Yanxia
A Swift and Secret Departure 67 Kugane
While You Were Away 67 Limsa Lominsa
Rhalgr's Beacon 67 The Fringes
The Fortunes of War 67 The Fringes
Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits 67 The Fringes
The Lure of the Dream 67 The Fringes
The Lady of Bliss 67 The Fringes
The Silence of the Gods 67 The Fringes
The First of Many 68 The Fringes
Strong and Unified 68 The Peaks
Hells Open 68 The Peaks
Heavens Weep 68 The Peaks
The Road Home 68 The Peaks
For the Living and the Dead 68 The Peaks
Above the Churning Waters 68 The Peaks
The Path Forward 68 The Peaks
With Tired Hands We Toil 68 The Peaks
Where Courage Endures 68 The Peaks
The Price of Freedom 69 The Peaks
Raubahn's Invitation 69 The Peaks
Liberty or Death 69 The Peaks
The Lady in Red 69 The Peaks
Upon the Great Loch's Shore 69 Rhalgr's Reach
The Key to Victory 69 The Lochs
The Resonant 69 The Lochs
The Legacy of Our Fathers 69 The Lochs
The Measure of His Reach 70 The Lochs
Stormblood 70 The Lochs


✔️ Title Level Area
Arenvald's Adventure 70 Rhalgr's Reach
The Darkness Below 70 Rhalgr's Reach
The Mad King's Trove 70 The Lochs
The Butcher's Blood 70 The Lochs
Echoes of an Echo 70 The Lochs
A Sultana's Strings 70 The Lochs
A Sultana's Duty 70 Ul'dah
A Sultana's Resolve 70 The Gold Saucer
Securing the Saltery 70 The Waking Sands
A Blissful Arrival 70 The Lochs
Return of the Bull 70 The Lochs
Tidings from the East 70 Rhalgr's Reach
The Sword in the Store 70 Kugane
Hope on the Waves 70 Kugane
Elation and Trepidation 70 The Ruby Sea
Storm on the Horizon 70 Yanxia
His Forgotten Home 70 The Doman Enclave
A Guilty Conscience 70 Yanxia
Rise of a New Sun 70 Kienkan
Gosetsu and Tsuyu 70 Ruby Bazaar Offices
Gone Like the Morning Dew 70 The Doman Enclave
Fruits of Her Labor 70 Yanxia
Conscripts and Contingencies 70 Kienkan
The Primary Agreement 70 Kienkan
Under the Moonlight 70 Kienkan
Emissary of the Dawn 70 The Rising Stones
Sisterly Act 70 The Rising Stones
Feel the Burn 70 Kienkan
Shadows in the Empire 70 The Doman Enclave
A Power in Slumber 70 Kienkan
The Will of the Moon 70 The Azim Steppe
The Call 70 The Azim Steppe
Prelude in Violet 70 The Lochs
Soul Searching 70 The Rising Stones
A Defector's Tidings 70 The Dravanian Hinterlands
Seiryu's Wall 70 Kienkan
Parley on the Front Lines 70 Kienkan
The Face of War 70 Alliance Headquarters
A Brief Reprieve 70 The Rising Stones
A Requiem for Heroes 70 The Lochs

Raid Series Omega

✔️ Title Level Area
The Hunt for Omega 70 Rhalgr's Reach
Into the Deltascape 70 The Interdimensional Rift
A Catastrophe Waiting 70 The Interdimensional Rift
The Croak Queen 70 The Interdimensional Rift
A Void at All Costs 70 The Interdimensional Rift
The Anomaly 70 The Fringes
Return to the Rift 70 Rhalgr's Reach
No Slowing Down 70 The Interdimensional Rift
An Unfinished Masterpiece 70 The Interdimensional Rift
Won't Let You Pass 70 The Fringes
Test World of Ruin 70 The Interdimensional Rift
In the Beginning, There Was Chaos 70 Rhalgr's Reach
And Like Fire Was His Mane 70 The Interdimensional Rift
In the End, There Is Omega 70 The Interdimensional Rift
To Kweh under Distant Skies 70 The Fringes

Trial Series Four Lords

✔️ Title Level Area
An Auspicious Encounter 70 The Ruby Sea
Tortoise in Time 70 The Ruby Sea
The Fire-bird Down Below 70 The Ruby Sea
Surpassing the Samurai 70 The Ruby Sea
The Fifth Lord 70 The Ruby Sea

Alliance Raids Return To Ivalice

✔️ Title Level Area
Dramatis Personae 70 Kugane
A City Fallen 70 Kugane
Uninvited 70 Kugane
My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain 70 Kugane
Desire 70 Kugane
Annihilation 70 Kugane
The Path of Most Resistance 70 Kugane
Welcome to Their Jungle 70 Kugane
The City of Lost Angels 70 Kugane

Relic Weapon Eureka

✔️ Title Level Area
And We Shall Call It Eureka 70 Rhalgr's Reach